20111230 – 3 Best of the Year

Prager H3: Lee is joined by Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor at First Baptist Dallas to talk about his book “Twilight’s Last Gleaming.” Lee then discusses some stories of the year.

20111230 -2 Secret Giving

Prager H2: Lee talks to Randy Wallace, screen writer and author about his new book The Touch and secret giving.

20111230 -1 Lee Habib Guest Hosts

Prager H1: Lee talks to Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot, about Government’s role in the business climate in America.

Prager 20111229 – 3 Talking and Driving

Prager H3: A new government report recommends that drivers should be banned from talking on a cell phone – hands free or not. Is this the nanny state gone wild or good government?

Prager 20111228 -3 Paularized

Prager H3: Whether he is an anti-Semite or just a stark isolationist, Ron Paul is a polarizing figure in this election. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20111228 -2 Politics over Principle

Prager H2: Sure, House Republicans were correct, in principle, when opposing the Senate’s Payroll Tax compromise, but was it the smart position politically? Are there times when pragmatism must trump even cherished principles?

Prager 20111228 -1 Mark Isler Guest Hosts for Dennis

Prager H1: Mark ranges over a few of the day’s top stories. Issues raised include: why are we not taking care of the Iraqis who risked their lives to help our forces in Iraq; are college students so befuddled by the voting process that they can’t show an ID at the voting booth; will one candidate emerge out of the pack from Iowa caucuses.

Prager 20111227 -3 The National Test

Prager H3: Kevin continues to ask people what the economic situation is like in their neighborhoods, and just as he suspects, the reality of our economy does not match the talking points of the administration.

Prager 20111227 -2 Tremendously Positive Numbers

Prager H2: Rep. James Clyburn (D – SC) among others have been touting signs of economic recovery. Kevin asks the following question: What is it like in your neighborhood?

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