Prager 20120731 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Divorce

Prager H3: Dennis discusses the issue of divorce. The ideal is a lifelong marriage, but a truly bad marriage is essentially life imprisonment, and that punishment should be given only to murderers. A Roman Catholic priest called in and articulately defended the Church’s position that while a couple separating is allowed, remarriage is not.

Prager 20120731 – 2 Young versus Not Young

Prager H2: USAToday center front page story wonders whether the election will be a show down between the young (they support Obama) and the not young (they support Romney)… Conservatives want change as much as liberals… Colorado prosecutors need time to consider whether to seek the death penalty for the Aurora mass murderer. What do they have to think about? He should executed as soon as possible.

Prager 20120731 – 1 Culture Counts

Prager H1: Mitt Romney made the 2+2=4 statement that culture explains why Israel has prospered and its neighbors have not. But to the Left this is controversial, a major gaffe. The Palestinians called Romney’s comment “racist.” What does racism has to do with culture?

Prager 20120730 – 3 The Others

Prager H3: Sir Paul McCartney played “Hey Jude” in the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic games in London… when it came to the chorus he asked just the “fellas” to sing, then the “ladies.” Dennis wonders why not another round for the “Others,” those that refuse to be labeled man or woman. Dennis also comments about two great columns… Daniel Henninger’s America’s Two Economies, and Ross Douthat’s Defining Religious Liberty Down.

Prager 20120730 – 2 Shuttlecocks & Cherry Garcia

Prager H2: Dennis talks about his appearance on the Hannity show last week. The topic was Chick-fil-a versus the pro-same sex marriage protestors. Dennis buys Ben & Jerry’s ice cream even though he can’t stand their politics, because he values liberty over equality. Dennis warns that this all leads to a society where people buy things based on the politics of the owner rather than quality… and Dennis hopes that day never comes.

Prager 20120730 – 1 The Moment of Silence

Prager H1: Dennis reflects on the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic games in London, Romney’s comments, the Greek tweet, the developing situation in Syria, Woman’s Volleyball uniforms, and the moment of silence in remembrance of the athletes killed in Munich 1972. He points out that it doesn’t both most of the Muslim world what happened in Munich… what bothers them is the remembrance… the moment of silence.

Prager 20120727 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. A Best of Prager Hour compiled with Open Lines hours from January of 2011.

Prager 20120727 – 2 Happiness Hour: Stop Worrying

Prager H2: Everybody worries, but why worry about things that you can’t control. Obsessing about those things is a real impediment to happiness. In a memorable call, a woman tells how after being hit by a truck, she thought she might die and wondered why she had spent so much time worrying about getting breast cancer. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on April 4, 2008.

Prager 20120727 – 1 What Decade Do You Remember Best?

Prager H1: Dennis poses an intriguing question. Is there a decade of your life you remember best? Another question emerges from this discussion: can you identify a transformational year? Callers weigh in. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on November 12, 2009.

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