Prager 20121031 – 3 Windmills

Prager H3: The Brits are becoming disenchanted with their wind farms… Dennis talks to Russ Jones who is leading an effort for the New American Energy Opportunity Foundation to highlight $1.84 gas price, the price at the end of the Bush Administration… Dennis doesn’t understand the anti-death penalty crowd. You devote your life to saving the life of heinous murderers?… Superstorm Sandy proves the need for Big Government, says the NY Times. No, it shows the need for local aid. That’s why we see the governors and mayors announcing cleanup plans. They know their communities.

Prager 20121031 – 1 Cornhuskers

Prager H1: In Nebraska, the very middle of the country, the professional educators want to include climate change and exclude American exceptionalism from the public school curriculum… Dennis talks to Maggie Gallagher, a co-founder of National Organization for Marriage and author of Debating Same-Sex Marriage from Oxford just out this summer… The new argument from the anti-death penalty crowd is that it’s too expensive. There’s a California ballot measure that proposes to ban the death penalty for that immoral reason.

Prager 20121030 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Dogma

Prager H3: The Left accuses the Right of being in the grip of dogma. Somehow this is bad. But the Left has as many or more dogmas as the Right. Everyone holds dogma. The issue is whether the dogma is good or bad.

Prager 20121030 – 2 How Dare You

Prager H2: NY Times columnist, Roger Cohen, is shocked and dismayed that Ohio Jews might vote for a Republican. Where are these Republican Jews coming from?… Dennis talks again to Congressman Jeff Flake, candidate for Senate in Arizona. This is a key race Republicans must win.

Prager 20121030 – 1 Stormy Weather

Prager H1: Dennis expresses his sympathy for those who have had their lives turned upside down by yesterday’s East Coast superstorm, Sandy. It’s a terrible shock to have your life suddenly disrupted in this way… Dennis spoke to students at Northwestern University last night. He describes their reaction to his talk…

Prager 20121029 – 3 Racism Charge Never Dies

Prager H3: The Associate Press has a new study to prove that racism is alive and well. If the method used wasn’t so ludicrous, it would be funny… Dennis talks to Charlie Sykes, popular talk show host in Milwaukee, about Wisconsin and just how it might swing on Election Day… Dennis talks to John Turner of Louisville, KY, this week’s Power of 10 Citizen of the Week… Another Leftist ad puts the words of adults in the mouths of children.

Prager 20121029 – 2 Not in 40 Years

Prager H2: The Des Moines Register endorsed Mitt Romney, the first time they’ve endorsed a Republican for President in 40 years… Dennis talks to George Allen, candidate for Senate in Virginia. Regaining the Senate is as important as electing as regaining the White House.

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