Prager 20130731 – 03 Global Warming Indoctrination

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Heather MacDonald, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, about how states all over the country are institutionalizing global warming “education,” starting with kindergarteners… ObamaCare is driving doctors out of Medicare…

Prager 20130731 – 01 Korea

Prager H1: The Korean War ended 60 years ago. It’s another example of Americans fighting for the freedom of others… Dennis talks to Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times columnist and editor of the National Review about the media’s immoral coverage of the George Zimmerman trial… The San Antonio City Council has proposed an ordinance that would prevent those who believe in traditional marriage from serving in city government.

Prager 20130730 – 2 Cup o’ Joe

Prager H2: Coffee drinkers rarely commit suicide, according to a new study… Three million people saw the Pope in Rio. Pretty good crowd for an anachronism… Is the Pope now endorsing homosexuality and same sex marriage?… The Saudis are worried that the United States might become energy independent.

Prager 20130730 – Rah Rah

Prager H1: The iconic 9/11 aftermath photo of NY Fire Fighters raising the American flag almost didn’t make it into the 9/11 museum. Leftists among the museum leadership wanted to keep it out… Dennis explains why this is significant.

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