Dennis Prager 20191031 – 3 The Way I Heard It

Dennis talks to Mike Rowe, best known as the executive producer and host of the hit TV shows Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It. His new book is The Way I Heard It which is also the name of his popular podcast. His new book is The Way I Heard It.

Dennis Prager 20191031 – 2 Facing Reality

The Left has a very tough time facing reality. Unpleasant truths don’t comport to their utopian fantasies… If you love truth, you’re a conservative… Dennis talks to David Limbaugh, nationally syndicated columnist. His new book is Guilty By Reason of Insanity: Why The Democrats Must Not Win.

Dennis Prager 20191030 – 3 Baghdadi DRIP

Baghdadi should not rest in peace. He was a monster. And we should celebrate his ignoble death… Joe Biden lies about the President. Anyone in the major media going to call him on it? …Dennis talks to Bob Trent, VP of Media Relations for Alliance Defending Freedom… The Left is coming disconnected with reality…

Dennis Prager 20191030 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Sexual Frequency

How should mature adults deal with this issue of sexual frequencyHow many times having sex with your spouse is enough – per week, per month, per year? Are there gradations of sexual fulfilment? Dennis delves into this sensitive subject. Callers contribute.

Dennis Prager 20191030 – 1 Sustained Hysteria

How long before the broad American public says, “enough with the hysterias”?… Do big cities make people meaner?… Will Nancy Pelosi’s proposed impeachment hearings allow Republicans to call witnesses and cross-exam hostile witnesses? If not, they’ll be a farce. Actually, they’ll be a farce no matter what rules the Dems set… The American male is slouching toward despair, according to new study.

Dennis Prager 20191029 – 1 Somewhere For No Reason

Environmental activism is a sickness, and will destroy us long before climate change does. Dennis talks to Gregg Jarrett, legal and political analyst for Fox News. His new book is Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History.

Dennis Prager 20191028 – 3 Last Best Hope

Dennis talks to Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education; now host of “The Bill Bennett Show” podcast. His new book is America: The Last Best Hope (One-Volume Edition).

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