Dennis Prager 20200228 – 1 Vaping

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis. Is vaping a valid alternative to smoking? Or should you just stop smoking?… Are South Carolinians prepared to breathe life into the Biden campaign?

Dennis Prager 20200228 – 1 Heating Up

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The South Carolina primary is tomorrow. Joe Biden needs to win big. If he doesn’t, he’s toast. If he does, he might have new life… or not.

Dennis Prager 20200227 – 3 Using Minorities

The Left uses minorities to forward their big government aims… Is Bernie Sanders religious in any way. Yes, he’s a Leftist… Radical Muslims are losing popularity in Arab states. Nationalism is making inroads even there.

Dennis Prager 20200227 – 2 Age of Amnesia

We need to be constantly reminded how sadistic the Left is. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings seem like they were a decade ago. But it’s not. It’s very recent. Destroying people reputations is an art form on the Left… The Ninth Circuit rules against PragerU. Dennis comments…

Dennis Prager 20200227 – 1 Corona Madness

The world is panicked over the coronavirus which has killed very few people outside of China. Why aren’t we panicked every year by the common flu?… Dennis talks to Dana Loesch, nationally syndicated radio talk show host. Her new book is Grace Canceled: How Outrage is Destroying Lives, Ending Debate, and Endangering Democracy.

Dennis Prager 20200226 – 3 I Was a Democrat

Dennis talks to Karlyn Borysenko, psychologist in New Hampshire. She went to a Trump Rally and came away changed. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on February 25, 2020.

Dennis Prager 20200226 – 2 Who Can Win?

The Dems are obsessed with who can beat President Trump in November. They didn’t help themselves in last night’s shoutfest. Dennis plays more clips.

Dennis Prager 20200226 – 1 Food fight

The Democratic candidates don’t like each other. Hard to say who won the debate. There was so much cross-talk and shouting. Dennis plays clips.

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