Dennis Prager 20200529 – 3 Settled Science

Barak Lurie guest hosts for Dennis… Barak talks to Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point USA. Topics include: fighting the Internet giants on censorship of conservative ideas and liberating the country from coronavirus restrictions.

Dennis Prager 20200529 – 2 Executive Order

Barak Lurie guest hosts for Dennis… The President issues an executive order that attempts to open up the Internet. Big Tech is trying to close it down by restricting free speech… The coronavirus panic needs to end. Immediately.

Dennis Prager 20200529 – 1 Riots in Minneapolis

Barak Lurie guest hosts for Dennis… The riots and looting in Minneapolis have driven the coronavirus off the front page… Barak talks to Roz Rothstein, founder and president of Stand with Us, a leading pro-Israel group.

Dennis Prager 20200528 – 1 Incident in Minneapolis

Mark Isler guest hosts for Dennis… There was a very disturbing incident in Minneapolis recently. From the videotape we’ve seen, it looks like the police overreacted, leading to the death of a handcuffed suspect.

Dennis Prager 20200527 – 3 Catastrophic

Another respected Israeli scientist believes that the lockdown has been an unnecessary disaster… Dennis talks to Eric Eggers, fellow at the Government Accountability Institute. The topic is mail-in ballots and the possibility of massive fraud.

Dennis Prager 20200527 – 1 The Kids Are Alright

How much more evidence do we need that kids are not in any kind of out-of-the-normal jeopardy with this virus? They need to go to summer camp. They need to go to school… Dennis talks to Matt Ridley, best-selling author who writes frequently for the WSJ and The Times of London. His new book is How Innovation Works: And Why It Flourishes in Freedom.

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