Dennis Prager 20210129 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Why people like to wear masks outdoors when they are alone; you said belief in a soul is a rational belief, why; my brother went to the Left how do I communicate with him?

Dennis Prager 20210129 – 1 Diversity over Excellence

Coca-Cola announces it will demand that the law firms it works with must prove they are “diverse.” So now excellence of legal representation is second to skin color of the legal team… Denmark is not going admit any more asylum seekers… Is HCQ finally going to get the credit it deserves in curbing the coronavirus? If so, what does that say those doctors who said it was harmful and denied it to patients.

Dennis Prager 20210128 – 3 Never Heard

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… The evidence of voter fraud has never been fully heard. The courts rejected the voter fraud cases on “standing” not on evidence… What is not in question is that state election officials in Pennsylvania and other states changed state election laws without approval of the state legislatures. This is blatantly unconstitutional… The President did not incite the Capitol Riot.

Dennis Prager 20210128 – 2 Deprogramming

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… If you are not in line with the prevailing party’s orthodoxy (leftism), then you need to be “deprogrammed.” This is the kind of talk we hear now from commentators on legacy media… Bob talks to Patrick Wood, director of Citizens for Free Speech…

Dennis Prager 20210128 – 1 Expensive Speech

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Free speech is getting less free. In some cases, it’s getting downright expensive. You can now be charged and maybe jailed for exerting your free speech rights… Biden is going berserk with his executive orders… How far left can he go?

Dennis Prager 20210127 – 3 Good-bye Founding Fathers

San Francisco is saying good-bye to the Founding Fathers. They aren’t “woke” enough… Biden calls the 1776 Commission report “offensive” and “counter-factual.” Does that mean he supports the narrative of the 1619 Project?… Denmark doesn’t want any more asylum seekers… Murder rates skyrocketed across the nation in 2020. The police have backed off. Who can blame them?

Dennis Prager 20210127 – 1 Equity

Equality of opportunity is no longer the goal of government. The goal of the Biden Administration is now equity of result. If this is instituted, the country will change dramatically… for the worse… Dennis reads passages from Biden’s racial equity remarks. Dispiriting.

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