Dennis Prager 20211004 – 2 No Threat

What threat do the unvaxxed represent to the vaxxed, if the vaxxed don’t die and don’t get seriously sick?… The South Pole suffers through its coldest season on record… A Minnesota school district has banned “F” as a grade. Nobody fails anymore…

Dennis Prager 20211004 – 1 Seattle Suicide

A police-hater is running to be Seattle’s DA. She has a real chance of winning… New York restaurants are suffering as result of the new NYC lockdown… The mandates are not about health; they are about power.

Dennis Prager 20211001 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: wanted to let you know you speak like a moral logical Rabbi; why do you choose happines everywhere else but not on the fast lane; met you last night and we named our son after you; can it be possible for us to be in heaven and still not be satisfied; wanted to challenge you on your portrayal of suffering; men saying I love you to each other, I did it.

Dennis Prager 20211001 – 1 Therapeutic

Merck announces a new pill that it claims cuts hospitalization and death from Covid by 50%… The San Francisco Symphony has gone full woke… Whenever the Left can lie to gain advantage, it will lie. Truth has little value to the Left.

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