Dennis Prager 20220429 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issue raised include: do humans want to be good, but laziness gets in the way; did the Nazis think that God was on their side; when do you say “i’m done” with an issue.

Dennis Prager 20220429 – 2 Happiness Hour: Coming Out Right

It’s hard to be happy if you suppress what you really think. Yet millions of people who harbor conservative views do just that. As an example, another Harvard student tells her story about “coming out” as conservative… Dennis talks to law student and PragerForce member, Morgan Goldman. She describes her own “coming out” experience.

Dennis Prager 20220429 – 1 Most Dangerous People

The most dangerous people in the world are fools with power. Unfortunately, there a lot of them. We met many during the “Covid crisis.” Anthony Fauci and LA County Health Supervisor, Barbara Ferrer, are two prime examples… Are Democrats vulnerable at the Texas border?… The Left had a week of freak-outs over Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

Dennis Prager 20220428 – 3 No Dennis

Dennis is giving a speech on raising moral leaders in La Canada, CA. When the organizers of the speech tried to promote it on a community Facebook page, the community group said no. Dennis is a “hater,” they claimed. Did they give any examples? Of course not.

Dennis Prager 20220428 – 2 Inflation

Dennis talks to Steve Forbes, editor and publisher of Forbes Magazine. His new book is Inflation: What It Is, Why It’s Bad, and How to Fix It.

Dennis Prager 20220428 – 1 Disinformation Board

Dennis is delayed for a segment, so Allen makes a rare guest host appearance…We’re now going to have a Disinformation Governance Board. It will be headed by a Democrat partisan… To the Left, “disinformation” is anything they don’t like…

Dennis Prager 20220427 – 1 Shutting Down Liberty

The American Left is waging a war against free speech, the cornerstone of the American experiment. The melt down over the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk is just the latest example… Putin is making a lot of ominous threats. Is he making them because he thinks he’s winning or losing the Ukraine war?

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