Dennis Prager 20230831 – 3 Travel Advisory

The Canadian government warns SSLGBTQIA+ citizens about traveling the USA… A new study from Australia reports that children who take the Covid vaccine have less defense against other viruses… Mask mandates are coming back.

Dennis Prager 20230831 – 1 Back to ASU

Dennis and Charlie Kirk are going back to ASU. This has stirred up the university’s leftist professors once again… Texas Teachers Unions are going nuts over the state’s recognition of PragerU videos… Dennis talks to Lou Holly, PragerFORCE member in Louisville, KY.

Dennis Prager 20230830 – 3 Maui Fires

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… What was really behind the Maui fires? Global warming, bad forest management or sheer government incompetence?… Julie talks to Xaviaer DuRousseau, PragerU personality and Host of Guess or Mess at PragerU Kids

Dennis Prager 20230830 – 2 Howie Carr

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… Julie talks to legendary New England journalist and talk show host, Howie Carr. His new book is Paper Boy: Read All about It

Dennis Prager 20230830 – 1 Don’t Tread on Me

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… A 12-year-old was kicked out of school for having a “Don’t Tread on Me” patch on his backpack. The origin of the patch is the Revolutionary War and has nothing to do with slavery. When the school learned this (you’d think they would have known), they reversed their ban. This incident says a lot about our education system.

Dennis Prager 20230829 – 2 Trial Date

The judge in Donald Trump’s Washington DC indictment has set a trial date of March 4. That happens to be in the middle of the Republican primaries… Florida Democrats absurdly blame Ron DeSantis for the three murders in Florida. Is there anything they don’t blame Ron DeSantis for?… Dennis talks to Noelle Fitchett, a PragerFORCE member in Texas.

Dennis Prager 20230829 – 1 No Parental Rights

California’s Attorney General doesn’t want parents to be notified if their child goes trans. He’s suing to make it so. The contempt for parents on the left knows no bounds… 1600 scientists have signed a letter in which they conclude global warming is not a reason for sky-is-falling hysteria…

Dennis Prager 20230828 – 3 Fatphobia

There’s a department of Fat Studies at a Canadian university. It’s as absurd as it sounds… The President makes another demagogic statement on race. This is not a good person. He’s fomenter of division…Dennis talks to PragerFORCE member Jacob Eyres from Southampton, England.

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