Prager H1: Dennis on Larry King

Prager H1: Dennis was on Larry King Live last night with Stephanie Miller, Bishop Harry Jackson, and, candidate for Attorney General, California, Kamala Harris, The subject was same sex marriage.This morning on her radio show, Stephanie Miller, accused Dennis of being a liar. Can someone on the Left talk about someone on the Right and not accuse them of being a liar?

Prager H3: More Larry King

Prager H3: Same sex marriage advocates constantly say that it’s a civil rights issue – just as blacks couldn’t once legally marry whites, now men can’t marry men or women, women. Dennis blows this bizarre, but persistent notion out of the water. Dennis talks to Phil Kerpen, VP of Policy for American for Prosperity, about the Winning in November campaign. Dr. Laura Schlesinger announced that she’s going to retire from radio after her contract is up at the end of the year. She used the n-word on her show last week and has been pilloried for it. Dennis describes the context of her remarks and defends her.

Prager H1: In the Name of Islam

Prager H1: Over 50 Iraqis were murdered by a suicide bomber. What would happen if thousands of imams said that these murderers were sent straight to hell? The way you assess the moral nature of a group is how it reacts to evil among its own group. The Ninth circuit is staying Judge Walker’s ruling that same sex couples can marry until December. Do kids no longer need a mother or a father?

Prager H2: Plunder and Pensions

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Steven Greenhut, journalist formerly on the Orange County Register Editorial Board and now head of the journalism center at Pacific Research Institute in Sacramento. His new book is Plunder: How Public Employee Unions are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation.

Prager H2: Art Amoral

Prager H2: A museum in Vienna is having an exhibit of N Korean propaganda art. The California teachers union wants its members to cancel their subscriptions to the LA Times. Dennis talks George Friedman, CEO and founder of Stratfor, a global intelligence company.

Prager H3: More Friedman

Prager H3: Dennis continues with favorite Prager Show guest, George Friedman. In 1994 the Democrats didn’t see the Republican tsunami coming. This time they can and are much better prepared. Don’t take anything in November for granted, O Republicans.

Prager H1: Seal of Approval

Prager H1: President Obama endorsed the building the mosque at GZ. Of course, it’s legal. But is it moral? Is it appropriate? Dennis poses more questions: will Muslims conclude – “What a tolerant country America is.” Or will they conclude, “look at the strides Islam has made in America. We really can take over.”

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