Prager 20040115 – 2 Are We a Judeo-Christian Country?

Prager H2: Colin Powell waffles on this question during an interview on the Charlie Rose show. The reason this is significant is because it shows how deeply political correctness has infected our society. A public official, a Republican no less, feels he can no longer freely acknowledge our country’s true origins.

Prager 20040115 – 1 Educated Women Impose Their Own Glass Ceiling

Prager H1: An article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine discusses an important new social phenomenon: more and more women are opting out of the corporate rat race to marry and raise a family. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast October 27, 2003.

Prager 20040102 – 03 Open Lines and Week in Review

Prager H3: As he does every time at this hour, Dennis opens the lines for callers to phone in on anything on their minds. Topics raised include: Americans with Disabilities Act, how do you develop good character, hi-definition audio and why Jews don’t accept Jesus as the Messiah,

Prager 20040102 – 02 The Happiness Hour: Resolutions

Prager H2: The turning of the New Year gives you a chance to make resolutions. This is very positive. To be happy, you must feel that you have some control over your life. Victims can’t be happy.

Prager 20040102 – 01 Return of the King

Prager H1: The Lord of the Rings trilogy glorifies good violence. This is a real testament to this epic film, but it must drive the Left crazy. How can they endorse a film that says you have to destroy evil?

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