Prager H1: Talking to Kids

Prager H1: Dennis spoke to high school students yesterday. He was very impressed with the group and they were impressed by his directness and honesty. Michael Young, opinion page editor of the Daily Star, English language paper in Beirut, Lebanon, and contributing editor to Reason Magazine. His new book is The Ghosts of Martyrs Square: An Eyewitness Account of Lebanon’s Life Struggle.

Prager H2: Grand Jihad

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor and a contributing editor at National Review. His new book is The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America. Dennis elaborates on connection between Islam Sharia and Leftist Sharia. No more candy cigarettes. You know how dangerous they are. “Smoke” a candy cigarette and before you know it, you’re a real smoker.

Prager H3: Sacre Bleu!

Prager H3: Raise the retirement age in France to 62 and you’ve got a major strike on your hands. In the meantime, it’s a revolutionary act to steal rides on the Paris metro. Once again we’re dead last in health care. And we spend so much money on it! That’s the standard media line and here it is once again. But where are the “studies” coming from. And could they possibly have an agenda. Huh, yeah…

Prager H1: Rolling Stone, McChrystal and Obama

Prager H1: Dennis’s position on the McChrystal/Obama crisis: McChrystal should resign and the President should refuse to accept it. But why did the General think he’d get a fair hearing from Rolling Stone? What did he think they’d write? That the war was a noble effort and we should all get behind it? Rolling Stone?.. Dennis talks to Max Boot, senior fellow at The Council of Foreign Relations, about this issue.

Prager H3: McChrystal Down

Prager H3: President Obama announces at a press conference a few minutes ago that he is accepting General McChrystal’s resignation and appointing General David Petraeus in his place. Dennis talks to Neal Polan, creator of a Fourth of July (Seder) Celebration, inspired by Dennis’s concept that we need rituals for the Fourth of July. Dennis returns to the President’s decision to accept General McChrystal’s resignation.

Prager H1: No More Best Friends

Prager H1: Experts come up with another great theory. No best friends for kids. Better to be friends with everyone. That way you get rid of bullying. Sounds practical, doesn’t it?… The would-be Times Square Bomber pleads guilty. Admits he wanted to kill and maim as many people as possible because, after all, he’s a soldier of Islam.

Prager H2: Love and Marriage

Prager H2: Dennis takes on the arguments in the Newsweek piece: The Case against Marriage. (You can see a distillation of Dennis’s defense of marriage at www.prageruniversity.com. Send it on to your friends, relatives, kids and grandkids who might have their doubts.) Callers weigh in with their agreements and objections.

Prager H3: Ultimate Issues Hour: God According to God

Prager H3: Dennis talks to renowned scientist Gerald Schroeder. An applied theologian, he currently teaches at the College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. His new book is God According to God: A Scientist Discovers We’ve Been Wrong about God All Along.

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