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Prager H1: The Greatest Show on Earth

Prager H1: The Copenhagen Climate Conference opens today. 192 countries, all actors in a giant fraud, are participating. Dennis acknowledges Pearl Harbor Day. Iranian students resume protests against their government. Is our government supporting them? If not, we should be. Tiger Woods is up to mistress #7, according to the UK Sun. The humiliation of public figures sells papers and ads. But in the big scheme of things, he’s just a golfer.

Prager H1: Another Day, Another Terror Attack

Prager H1: This one took place in a Pakistani mosque. Dozens of men and small children murdered by fellow Muslims. Hardly a day goes by without one of these hideous events. Al Gore cancels his big Copenhagen speech at the last minute. Think it had something to do with ClimateGate?… Dennis has a simple jobs program: cut taxes. Don’t need a jobs forum or a series of town meetings, Mr. President, to do that.

Prager H3: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: should you stay in the right lane on city streets; would Dennis consider going to Afghanistan to talk to the troops; how did WWI change Europeans; are we too preoccupied with wealth; what did Jesus mean by turn the other cheek; what motivations do climatologists have to fake data.

Prager H1: Same Sex Setback

Prager H1: NY State Senate rejected a same sex marriage bill, a surprising display of common sense from a place you wouldn’t have expected to find it. The President’s Surge Speech has confused everybody – Republicans, Democrats, Afghanis, and Pakistanis. Dennis talks to Dale Brantner, VP of Cure International about the phenomenal work this organization does to provide hospital care for children in the third world, including Afghanistan. Susan Boyle’s debut albums rockets to the top of the charts. Honduras refuses to kowtow to world pressure and defends its democracy.

Prager H2: Black Out

Prager H2: The network news organizations, ABC, NBC and CBS have not devoted five minutes to the ClimateGate scandal, scientists suppressing key climate data. Of course, these news organizations have no political agenda… This scandal is undermining science, itself. Dennis talks again to Dale Brantner, VP of CURE International. The burka turns out to be the terrorists’ best weapon.

Prager H3: Sexting

Prager H3: According to a new poll, sexting – sending sexually charged text messages – is growing in popularity among teens. This is yet another bad social trend. Dennis talks again to Dale Brantner, senior VP of CURE International. Meredith Baxter comes out as a lesbian and three marriages and five children. Isn’t homosexuality supposed to be fixed?

Prager H1: Obama’s Surge

Prager H1: Dennis discusses the Obama’s “Afghan surge” speech last night. The message was mixed — encouraged that the President is sending more troops; discouraged that he’s setting a deadline.

Prager H2: Male/Female Hour: Strange Changes

Prager H2: Spouses sometimes change dramatically during the course of their marriage. It’s a source of possible conflict and in many cases there is no good guy or bad guy. How does one deal with it?

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