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Prager H3: Disappearing Oil

Prager H3: The weather and bacteria are making short work of the Gulf Oil spill. Environmentalist can’t handle the good news. Chelsea is getting married this weekend. The wedding is costing millions. So much for those Greedy Republicans. Dennis returns to the Arizona immigration controversy.

Prager H1: Scouts Honor

Prager H1: What a President decides not to do is sometimes as important as what he decides to do. President Obama is ducking the Boy Scouts’ 100th birthday party. He’d rather go on “The View.” The Boy Scouts get the message and so do we… Dennis talks to Christopher Booker, columnist for the Sunday Telegraph in the UK, about the how the Global Warming “Sky is Falling Crowd” is losing the argument…

Prager H3: Laws Meaning Less

Prager H3: A federal Judge blocks the “controversial” parts of the Arizona law. After all the sturm und drang it’s academic. The courts will decide. What’s the point of making laws again?.. Dennis returns to President Obama’s decision to skip the Boy Scout’s 100th birthday celebration… After Al Qaeda beheads a French aid worker, France has revelation. Al Qaeda is bad and most be destroyed. Welcome to fight, mon ami. But after slicing and dicing your defense budget for years, do you have anything to fight with? Dennis talks to Dr. Hal Scherz, practicing physician and founder of, about the recess appointment of Harvard’s Dr. Donald Berwick to head ObamaCare.

Prager H1: The Ubiquity of Tattoos

Prager H1: Dennis wonders why tattoos have become so popular. He finds the trend troubling — psychologically and culturally. Callers tattooed and not weigh in.

Prager H2: Stone Cold

Prager H2: Hollywood Leftist director Oliver Stone made a slew of anti-Semitics remarks in an interview with The Sunday Times of London. But this won’t damage Stone’s career or even generate much media attention because he’s on Left… Dennis talks to Pat Meehan, former US Attorney and candidate for 7th Congressional District in suburban Philadelphia… The Nobel Prize winning economist and columnist for the New York Times, Paul Krugman, has figured out those who oppose Global Warming Leading to Catastrophe hypothesis. They’re motivated by greed and cowardice. There can’t be any other explanation. Case closed.

Prager H1: Boy Scouts Are 100

Prager H1: The Boy Scouts celebrate their 100 year anniversary. For a century they have made boys better. But the ACLU and their crowd want to destroy them… Ed Schultz and Howard Dean express their hatred for Republicans… Dennis talks to Max Boot, Senior Fellow at The Council on Foreign Relations about the Afghan War document dump and what, if anything, it means to our war effort.

Prager H2: Class Warfare

Prager H2: The “rich” (those who make more than $250K) have too much money. That’s the standard liberal position. That’s why the “rich” have to pay more taxes. But do you really want to raise taxes in the middle of a recession? Even a few Democrats are having a tough time with this… Caller weigh in with their own intrusive government stories.

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