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Prager H3: What Elections Mean to ObamaCare

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Dick Morris, renowned political analyst and New York Post columnist, about what impact yesterday’s election will have on the success or failure of ObamaCare… The House is going to vote on ObamaCare this weekend. But before they do, they keep changing the bill. The changes will destroy the private insurance industry which, of course, is the Democrats goal. Another honor killing. This time in Arizona, a father runs down his daughter. Why is this a non-issue to the media?

Prager H1: Drill, Baby, Drill

Joe Biden castigates Sarah Palin (what else is new?). He finds her call “drill, baby, drill” simplistic. The real answer is wind, solar, and geothermal and all those green jobs. With our massive energy needs, where are we most likely to get the power we need? Maybe it’s Biden and the Democrats who are the simple ones… Liberals in Seattle want to disclose the names of those who signed a petition in support of traditional marriage. This is intimidation plain and simple… Dennis talks to John McIntyre, founder of Real Clear Politics, about the key elections today…

Prager H2: Second Thoughts

The New York Times goes to Iowa and finds that Republicans and independents who voted for Barack Obama are now having second thoughts. Dennis has no sympathy… In Florida, a hideous story about a boy set on fire by teenage thugs only grows worse.

Prager H1: The Worst Bill Ever

Prager H1: The Wall Street Journal, not known for its emotionalism, calls Nancy Pelosi’s 2000 page ObamaCare the “worst bill ever.”

Prager H2: The Races

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Michael Barone, dean of American political analysts and senior writer for the Washington Examiner, about political races in New York, New Jersey and Virginia. The Lockerbie Bomber was supposed to be dead by now. He’s not.. The Sky-Is-Falling crowd predicted another terrible hurricane season. Once again, they were wrong. But they’re confident about predicting the weather in 2030.

Prager H3: Halloween in UK

Prager H3: But it never ends as far as the UK’s health care system is concerned. Yet another horror story emerges. Chavez is slowly and surely destroying the economy of Venezuela. Dennis talks to Mary O’Grady, Latin Affairs columnist for the Wall Street Journal, about latest development in Honduras.

Prager H1: Read the Bill

Prager H1: Dennis reads a portion of the nearly 2,000 page healthcare bill that according to Nancy Pelosi: “will not add one dime to the deficit.” He also revisits the Rick Sanchez story of “Anglo-sizing” one’s name in order to make it easier to get along in America.

Prager H2: Happiness Hour: It’s Inauthentic

Prager H2: Dennis preaches: “Act happy even if you don’t feel it,” and people often tell him that it is not authentic to act in a way that you are not feeling. He defends his statement and tackles the notion that it is inauthentic.

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