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Prager H3: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, listeners set the agenda. Issues raised include: should congressional candidates have to take a test before we let them run for office; what is the toughest part of being a talk show host; how much money should you give your relatives, if you win the lottery; what happened to the children of the founding fathers; do artists have to be unhappy.

Prager H1: Three Stooges

Prager H1: Why did Gadaffi, Chavez and Ahmadinejad, three dangerous stooges, get so much attention at the UN last week. There’s a simple answer. Oil. A 21-year-old woman in India takes out a terrorist.

Prager H2: 83,000 Thousand Rats

Prager H2: A man in Bangladesh won a color TV for killing 83,000 rats. Mohamar Gaddafi’s personal translator broke down during the dictator’s incoherent rant at the UN. A legal study by the Library of Congress fully exonerates the actions the Honduras government took to stop would-be dictator, Manuel Zelaya. But the State Department continues to hound Honduras to bring Zelaya back.

Prager H3: The Sage of South Central

Prager H3: Dennis talks to his good friend and fellow talk show host, Larry Elder. Issues raised: Obama and Olympics, Afghanistan, and taxes.

Prager H3: Dementia Downfield

Prager H3: A new study suggests that NFL players suffer from dementia at a much higher rate than the general population. Richard Cohen, one of the liberal columnists at the Washington Post, is annoyed that President Obama doesn’t seem know the meaning of the word “presidential”. The President is admired for his speeches, but what does the high rhetoric really mean? Dennis uses his latest UN’s speech to illustrate the point.

Prager H1: Artists and Models

Prager H1: Film director, Roman Polanski, has been arrested in Switzerland for a crime he committed 30 years ago. He drugged and sodomized a 13 year old girl in 1977; then fled the US when he thought he’d be sent to jail. The Hollywood elite are outraged that LA prosecutors aren’t willing to forgive and forget. Hugo Chavez and Mohamar Gadaffi want to redefine “terrorism.”

Prager H1: Dennis Returns

Prager H1: Back from the traditional Jewish seven day mourning period following the passing of his mother, Dennis talks briefly about the experience. Now France is calling on the US to take action on Iran. Who would have thought that possible?… A major German scientist, a member of UN Climate Panel, says earth will be cooling for the next twenty years.

Prager H2: Canadians Want Private Care

Prager H2: It takes so long to get back surgery (39 months) that Canadians flee to the United States where they can get the surgery they need in a couple of days – just like Americans. Dennis talks to John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN, about President Obama’s position on Iran, especially in light of Nicholas Sarkozy’s comments.

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