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H3: Max Prager, Part 14

Prager H3: For the 14th year in a row, Dennis interviews his dad, Max Prager, on the week of his birthday. This year Max is 91.

Prager H1: Dennis at CUFI

Prager H1: CUFI is the acronym for Christians United for Israel. 4000 people were in Washington to attend the organization’s annual convention. Dennis was the keynote speaker and very moved by the honor… What is the US policy toward Honduras? We seem to pressuring the Honduran government to embrace the would-be dictator that they legally expelled, but, then again, we haven’t pulled our ambassador… The President keeps saying he won’t sign a bill that keeps you from choosing your own doctor, but admits that he hasn’t read the provision in the bill that prevents you from doing just that.

Prager H3: Do You Know Who I Am?

Prager H3: A prominent black Harvard professor, Henry Gates, Jr. charges racism after being arrested by police outside his rented home. A neighbor had called the police because it looked like someone was breaking into Gates’ house. Is this really racism? Or is Gates playing the race card to cover his mistreatment of the officers?.. Hugo Chavez is tightening his strangle hold on the Venezuela’s media. Now he’s proposing to take over the nation’s radio stations… How private will private care be under ObamaCare?

Prager 20090318 – 03

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Dan Gordon, renowned screenwriter and now playwright. He has written a new Broadway play, Irena’s Vow. It concerns a young Polish woman, Irena Opdyke, who saved a dozen Jews during the Holocaust. Gordon first heard about this woman’s extraordinary story on Dennis’s show.

Prager 20090318 – 02

Prager H2: Dennis opens up the lines for questions on the general subject of male female differences. Issues raised include: why do men objectify women; is the Playboy culture to blame for why so many men aren’t willing to commit to a woman; how does a woman handle a man who makes her feel uncomfortable; should husbands and wives romance their spouses after marriage.

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