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Prager H3: Ultimate Issues Hour: Life or Death

Prager H3: Since there is no more Ultimate Issue than whether you live or die (your health care), Dennis continues with Dr. Richman to get a physicians-eye view of the health care crisis. Callers weigh in.

Prager H3: Same Sex Marriage, Democracy and the Courts

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Robert George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University about the danger of the Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage. Christians in Pakistan were slaughtered this weekend. Why? And what does this mean?

Prager H1: Clunkers for Health Care

Prager H1: Dennis talked to his doctor over the weekend. He now regrets voting for Obama. He didn’t think he’d try to alter the country as radically as he’s now proposing. The “success” of Clash for Clunkers program is hardly a mystery. Give people other people’s (tax) money and they’ll take it. Dennis talks to Congressman David Dreier about our pending shift to European-style capitalism with its chronic high taxes, high unemployment and long vacations.

Prager H2: Making Nice to Syria and Iran

Prager H2: There is a famous Talmudic dictum: those who are kind to the cruel will be cruel to the kind. We are starting to see that in Obama’s foreign policy. Dennis talks to Mark Pauly, Professor of Health Care Management at the Wharton School.
Professor Pauly has written a pamphlet for the American Enterprise Institute that proposes we fix Medicaid first before redoing the whole health care system.

Prager H1: Small Beer

Prager H1: Why was Joe Biden at the beer summit? The answer says a lot about the liberal and conservative perspectives of this country. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have chosen their villain: insurance companies. But only Democrats believe that the government can administer health care better than private companies.

Prager H3: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: what do you do when your spouse keeps a secret from you; what is Dennis’s most memorable call; does Dennis’s wife smoke cigars with him; what are the advantages of being a citizen as opposed to a legal alien; why doesn’t Dennis run for President

Prager H1: The World Roars O

Dennis talks to George Friedman, Founder and CEO of Stratfor, a leading private intelligence service employed by many Fortune 500 companies. Issues raised include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Honduras and the US economy.

Prager H2: Coming Swine Flu Scare

Prager H2: Dennis talks to science writer, Michael Fumento, about the coming swine flu panic. Organic food turns out to be have more no nutritional value than regular food. Germans are hoarding traditional light bulbs before the energy-saving bulbs become compulsory.

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