Prager H3: Spirit in the Sky

Prager H3: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis and speaks with both Ann Coulter, author of: Guilty, and the commander of the Apollo 13 mission, former NASA astronaut, Jim Lovell.

Prager H1: Inside Obama

Prager H1: Dinesh D’Souza fills in for Dennis and discusses what motivates President Obama.

Prager H2: Life After Death

Prager H2: Dinesh D’Souza fills in for Dennis and continues the discussion of what motivates President Obama as callers weight in. Dinesh is also joined by Dr. Jeffery Long author of Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences.

Prager H3: Ex-Gays?

Prager H3: Dinesh D’Souza fills in for Dennis and is joined by Dr. Mark Yarhouse author of Ex-Gays?, to discuss whether homosexuality is biological or a choice.

Prager H1: Summit Review Part 1

Prager H1: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis and talks about some of the more interesting moments of Thursdays Healthcare Summit.

Prager H2: Summit Review Part 2

Prager H2: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis and continues the discussion of Thursdays Healthcare Summit as callers weight in.

Prager H3: Pop Quiz Hot Shot

Prager H3: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis and has a caller take a national quiz that fifty percent of Americans fail to answer more than 5 questions correct, Whit does well, see how you fair.

Prager H1: Ex Post Facto Summit

Prager H1: Dennis covers President Obama’s “Bipartisan Healthcare Summit,” and wonders: What kind of negotiations take place AFTER a bill is concluded?! Coverage includes Tom Coburn’s opening statement, and an exchange between John McCain and the president that can only be described as insulting to the senator.

Prager H2: The Only One Speaking

Prager H2: The discussion of President Obama’s “Bipartisan Healthcare Summit” continues as callers weigh in. Noticing that the president is almost the only democrat speaking, Dennis wonders if it’s because he is the only democrat that people like and/or doesn’t do damage to the healthcare bill when fielding republican objections?

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