A Talk to Singles

A Talk to Singles

With a humorous and personal touch, Dennis explains that marriage is the best tool to maximize one’s potential. He describes several common mistakes singles make and offers advice on how to deal with those problems. Covering issues like fear of commitment and the power of sex, Dennis clarifies the reality of dating and marriage.

Major Points:

1. People are complex and come with good traits and bad.

2. It’s very difficult to change people. Don’t think it will happen after marriage.

3. All relationships have highs and lows. Realizing this is part of growing up.

4. That many marriages end in divorce is a not a valid reason not to marry.

5. It is men’s nature to be hesitant about commitment. But marriage is the best vehicle for personal growth.

6. Women’s nature is to settle down and make a home. Career alone will not bring women happiness.

7. Singles unfortunately look for love in the wrong places (singles cruises, clubs) instead of going to places or events that attract people who share their values and interests.

8. The longer you live alone and are preoccupied with yourself, the harder it will be to share your life with someone.

9. It’s better to save at least one thing, namely sex, for marriage and allow the friendship to develop before it is overshadowed by the awesome power of sex.

Time: 1:43:39

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