America Lectures Collection

Dennis Prager’s lectures and speeches have been captivating audiences for over 20 years. We have compiled his most compelling and unforgettable lectures and speeches during this time.

Whatever one’s faith is or political views are, you will enjoy and appreciate Dennis’ own brand of opinion and insight. Feel like you are personally in the lecture hall while Dennis gives his own unique take on America.

Lectures included with this collection:

  • A Talk to College Students About Real Life
  • The Case for Capitalism and Shopping
  • America: The Chosen Nation A Speech to the Republican
  • The Case for America
  • The Pathology of Anti-Americanism and Anti-Zionism
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Address to AIPAC: The Soul of America and the Soul of the Jews
  • Liberalism and the LA Riots
  • Multiculturalism and the War Against Western Values
  • Why the Left is Hurting America
  • What is Happening to America
  • Is the Liberal Agenda the Jewish Agenda?
  • The Consequences of Secularism
  • Why Liberalism Has Become a Dirty Word
  • Liberalism and Conservatism
  • The Case for Capital Punishment
  • American Universities vs Western Civilization
  • Personal Reflections on the Media
  • Morality and the War in the Gulf
  • The ACLU Dialogue and Debate
  • Lessons of the Holocaust
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