American Values vs European Values

American Values vs European Values

Dennis explains how and why the value systems of American and Western Europe are so fundamentally different. He forcefully argues that this is manifested in a culture war in which it is imperative that American values prevail. Whereas America is prepared to fight evil, Europe won’t even acknowledge evil exists.

Major Points:

1. Right now there are two civilization battles going on: between militant Islam and the rest of the world which includes America and Western Europe; between Western Europe (socialism/secularism) and America (Judeo/Christian values and capitalism).

2. America’s embraces capitalism which emphasizes hard work and self-determinism, while Western Europe’s embraces socialism which leads to laziness and dependence on the Government.

3. Western Europeans love hyper-intellectualized and complex theories that simply don’t work. Americans love practical ways of thinking and are concerned with how to make life better. There is no link between artistic greatness and moral greatness.

4. Western Europeans are pacifists and are not willing to confront or fight evil, unlike America where confronting and fighting evil is of the utmost importance.

Time: 1:37:59

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