Debate at the American Atheists Convention

Debate at American Atheist Convention

In a spirited exchange of ideas, Dennis confronts a leading atheist over the question of God’s existence. Dennis offers many compelling arguments. His opponent counters that none of Dennis’s arguments can be scientifically proven.

Major Points made by Dennis include:

1. If there is no God, there is no objective morality.

2. A design suggests a designer.

3. An atheist must believe that everything spontaneously came from nothing, and that the world we live in happened by random chance.

4. The believer in a moral God must account for one thing, unjust suffering, while the atheist must account for the existence of everything else.

Major Points made by atheist include:

1. Judaism is not a monotheistic religion because the ancient Jews had many Gods.

2. Dennis cannot submit an operational definition of the Jewish God.

3. There is no test or observation that can be performed to prove the existence of God.

Time: Debate ends at 1:10:00 and Q & A ends at 2:11:02

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