Men’s Sexual Nature 2: What Men, Women & Society Can Do With Men’s Sexual Nature

Dennis offers suggestions on how men can control their sexual nature so they do not have to forsake love and personal growth for excitement. After detailing negative choices men can make by following their nature, Dennis then presents good choices that will lead to a more fulfilling life. He also explains how women and society can make this challenge easier for men.

Time: 1:30:00

Major points of the lecture:

1. Men can make the following bad choices: A) Seek sex with a variety of women. B) Go to prostitutes. C) Get married and have a mistress.
2. Men can make good choices by: A) Understanding that they are sexually insatiable. B) Seeking excitement and variety elsewhere. C) Immersing themselves in other passionate pursuits. D) Avoiding temptation. E) Understanding the pain they can inflict on the women they love. F) Having good values. G) Fantasizing through auto-eroticism.
3. Society has the following options: A) It can cover women up like in Muslim cultures. Dennis argues that this dehumanizes women. B) It can allow men to have mistresses. C) It can encourage marriage and stigmatize infidelity. Dennis thinks this is the best option.
4. Women can help by: A) Understanding men’s sexual nature. B) Requiring men to commit before having sex with them. C) Modifying their sexual titillation

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