Men’s Sexual Nature

Dennis observes that women are women are afraid of the reality of male sexual nature and men are afraid of women’s reaction to it. It is one of the most difficult problems of the human race but it is scariest when not confronted. Dennis deals with it head on and offers some life changing solutions to this vexing issue.

Major points of the lecture:

1. Female human sexuality is much more elevated than male human sexuality. Men’s sexual nature is much closer to that of a rooster than it is to women’s sexual nature. If men follow their nature, they will not be happy. Being with a woman (i.e. one woman) humanizes a man, not being with a lot of women.

2. Gay men are the proof of the reality of male sexual nature (versus nurture). Gay men view and objectify men the same way that heterosexual men view and objectify women and always desiring sexual variety.

3. The visual is so powerful that we have some societies that cover their women from head to toe. Instead of covering women up, Dennis argues that men and women must learn to live with the sexual tension.

4. Pornography is proof that the urge for variety is in male wiring. If men did not need variety, one Playboy magazine should suffice. Instead men need a new issue of Playboy every month with different female faces and bodies.

5. How can men avoid adultery? Dennis advises to avoid temptation. For example, when eating in a restaurant, sit facing the wall so you can give your wife/girlfriend your undivided attention. If you are on a diet and ice cream is your favorite food then do not work in an ice cream shop!

6. Pornography and masturbation are not necessarily sick. They are bad if they are substitutes for intimacy with the wife. They are not bad if they are substitutes for adultery.

Time: 1:57:31 – Talk is 1:27:05 followed by Q and A.

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