Religious Lectures Collection

Dennis Prager’s lectures and speeches have been captivating audiences for over 20 years. We have compiled his most compelling and unforgettable lectures and speeches during this time.

Whatever one’s faith is or political views are, you will enjoy and appreciate Dennis’ own brand of opinion and insight. Feel like you are personally in the lecture hall while Dennis gives his own unique take on Religion.

Lectures included with this collection

  • The Bible and Homosexuality
  • My Jewish Intellectual Autobiography
  • How Judaism Transformed the World
  • The Meaning of Rosh Hashana/The Meaning of Hanukkah
  • What Christians & Jews Can Learn From Each Other
  • Judaism for Non-Jews
  • Can Religion Unite Jews, Christians, and Muslims?
  • Why Keep the Commandments
  • Why Pray?
  • Judaism & Sex
  • Non-Orthodox Jewish Religiosity
  • Judaism as a Path to Personal Fulfillment
  • The Search for God
  • The Meaning of Shabbat & Kashrut
  • Faith Vs. Reason
  • The Case for Holiness
  • Why I am a Jew
  • The case for belief in God
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Why The Jews?
  • Where Judaism Differs From Christianity and Humanism
  • The Synagogue: Suggestions For Improvement
  • Judaisms Uniqueness an Obsession with Evil
  • Why I revere Judaism
  • Tolerating Other Religions
  • The Jewish Family in the 90s
  • The Moral Case for Israel
  • A Talk to Germans and Jews
  • Raising a Jewish Child in a Christian Society
  • A Jewish View of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • A Dialogue Between Dennis Prager and Rabbi Harold Kushner
  • The State of World Jewry
  • Judaism, Homosexuality, and Civilization
  • God and the Holocaust
  • The Gods of Modern Men & Women
  • Abortion, Capital Punishment, Homosexuality: A Talk to Reform Jews
  • Why Do Good People Suffer?
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