The Differences Between Men And Women

The Difference Between Men and Women

Dennis addresses the differences in the natures and behaviors of men and women. Men’s primary outlook on the world is through the eyes and women look at the world with their heart and mind. The most conflicting difference is that men want variety and women want commitment. After addressing the differences Dennis talks about solutions.

Major points of the lecture:

1. Men are stimulated by the visual (pornography); women through emotions (romance novels). This leads to a natural superficiality: men judge women by their bodies and women judge men by their intelligence and ambition. Some solutions are a balance of these and a deeper look at the other.

2. The most conflicting difference is a sexual one: men want variety and women want commitment. “Men want women and women want a man” is the natural inclination of the sexes. These appetites, one of lust and the other for commitment/intimacy, are insatiable. Since they are insatiable men must be taught the benefits of marriage and family and women must be taught the benefits of independence.

3. Women’s nature propels them more to marriage than men’s. Men need to get married but they don’t want to.

Time: 1:12:42

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