The Left, Social Justice and the Media

Most of the current events we are reading, watching, hearing or learning about are likely seasoned with the agenda of the Left – the movement or culture with all the good intentions. We all have good intentions. We all would believe ourselves to be basically good, of course. However, this sort of thinking is only taken up to the first step – meaning, it is not often asked, “How will this work out or affect society in the long haul?”. The media contributes to a lot of what information is made available and which “snippet” best represents the agenda to be pushed out. These instruments of media are divisive and damaging to the moral clarity which is very much needed, but blurred out.

The lectures included in this package showcase arguments for these constant social issues we continue to face. The more we hear these clear messages by Dennis Prager, the more we can become confident that our moral compasses may be calibrated. Let us all continue to look forward to a better society and a better country for our future.

  1. Why is the Left Obsessed with Equality?
  2. A Talk to Blacks and Jews
  3. Personal Reflections on the Media

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