The World Against Israel

The World against Israel

Dennis delves into the Left’s opposition to Israel in the US and Europe. He also covers Arab opposition to Israel, both its historical roots and contemporary manifestations. He demonstrates how tightly the US is to Israel and how this link exacerbates anti-Israel feelings.

Major Points:

1. The amount of criticism directed towards Israel is baffling and unwarranted. Smaller than the state of New Hampshire, Israel is the democratic oasis in the heart of a repressive region and offers more rights to the Arab citizen than any Arab country.

2. To the dissatisfaction of many, Israel and America are forever bound by the ideals of freedom and the Judeo-Christian faith.

3. One of the chief reasons for the hatred of Israel on the part of the political Left and the United Nations is its embodiment of everything they distrust: religious faith, strength, and nationalism.

4. The animosity towards Jews in the Arab-Islamic world is an often misunderstood phenomenon, rooted in the historical tradition of Mohammed and the perception of the Jews’ rejection towards his teachings.

5. When all is said and done, there is a good case to be made that something divine is involved in the persecution of Jews. This ties into the belief that the Jews are God’s chosen people√Ďa tradition that makes many Jews uncomfortable but has been taken seriously by much of the world.

Time: 1:35:00

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