Who Hates America and Why – Recommended Music

Who Hates America and Why – Recommended Music

The qualities which define our openness as a society are also those which inflame our enemies: radical Islamic fundamentalists and the world’s ideological left. Dennis explains how insidious and irrelevant is the question posed by after 9/11: what did we do to cause suicide pilots to fly jetliners into buildings? It is unhealthy for innocent victims to ask how they might be responsible for the violence perpetrated against them. It is a badge of honor to be hated by the enemies of human freedom.

Major Points:

1. The two major sources of hatred for America are radical Islamic fundamentalists and the West’s ideological left which includes universities, mainstream media and the European elite. Each has its own distinct reasons for loathing our country’s values.

2. The Ideological Left hates us because it perceives us to be unsophisticated and primitive. We still have capital punishment, for example.

3. The Left is overwhelmingly secular while America is the most religious society in the West.

4. Western Europe is largely socialist and dislikes the free enterprise.

5. Western Europe does not approve of America’s courage in going it alone.

6. Our Islamic enemies practice religious totalitarianism, want the whole world to be Muslim living under the most draconian form of Sharia law. America’s religiosity is diverse, entirely created as a reaction to European religious intolerance in imposing nation state’s religion on all inhabitants.

7. We support Israel.

8. America will endure and flourish despite the animosity and violence we face from our enemies, because we are made strong by our Judeo Christian values, made better by our religious and cultural tolerance, and have the courage to follow our beliefs despite criticism and outright assault from our enemies.

Dennis’ selections from two film soundtracks ( Pink Panther Strikes Again; Henry Mancini; Rico (1976) RCD 10739; All the Pretty Horses ; Stewart, Wilkinson, Paxton;Sony Classical (2001) SK894655)

Time: 1:33:24

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