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Prager H1: Obama and BP

Prager H1: The President has been criticized for comparing the Gulf Oil Spill to 9/11. This criticism is not fair. He never made a one-to-one comparison. But criticizing him for demonizing BP is fair. Driving this oil company to bankruptcy and suspending all offshore drilling will not help us; it will hurt us. Nor will we be helped by the utopian wish to “move us off oil.” Our economy depends on petroleum and will for a long time. That’s reality. Hallmark Cards caves in to a silly complaint by NAACP. More BP: Obama wants the British company to pay wages for all the workers who lose income because of his off-shore drilling ban.

Prager H2: How to Make a Bad Situation Worse

Prager H2: The President’s six month ban on all off shore drilling will make a bad situation much worse. And who will pay for all the lost jobs and income? BP, of course. Sounds more like a solution Hugo Chavez would come up than an American president. Dennis talks to Gordon Grice, essayist, who has written for The New Yorker, Harper’s, and Discover and other magazines. His new book is Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals. Honduras won! They stood by their principles and prevailed. Joe Lieberman wants to know who we’re fighting.

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