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Prager H3: Dress Up

Prager H3: Should a mother raise no objections if her son wants to dress up as a girl?.. Dennis talks to Roger Pielke, Jr. professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado. His new book is The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won’t Tell You About Global Warming.Where are our liberties most threatened?

Prager H2: Hauser’s Law

Prager H2: The government gets 19% of GDP in taxes whether rates are high or low, according to Hauser’s Law. Thus lower rates are better because it means more money flows into the public treasury. Pretty simple. If true, it destroys the “tax the rich” argument. Dennis talks to Tarek Fatah, journalist and founder of the liberal Muslim organization the Muslim Canadian Congress. His new book is The Jew is Not My Enemy.

Prager H1: Christmas Returns

Prager H1: The Mayor of Philadelphia has re-instituted Christmas in that city. The Smithsonian is hosting a homo-erotic exhibit that featured a video of a crucified Jesus crawling with ants. As a result of public outrage, this video has been withdrawn, but the exhibit is still in place. Alexander Solzhenitsyn gave an important speech at Hillsdale College 35 years ago.

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