Prager 20120430 – 3 Shop til Drop

Prager H3: The Occupy Wall Street Movement wants people not to shop tomorrow, May 1. We should respond by doing the opposite – buying… More non-thought from Bill Maher. He’s a great marker for the Left because like Michael Moore he doesn’t censure himself. He’s an honest, religion-hating Leftist. Give him that.

Prager 20120430 – 2 Chicken Little

Prager H2: Al Gore is still spreading panic, this time at Hampshire College. He also called for an “American Spring.” What is that?… Bill Maher claims there are no poor Mormons. Isn’t that a wonderful statement about Mormons.

Prager 20120430 – 1 The Chinese Model

Prager H1: A leading Chinese dissident has escaped house arrest and is now in the care of the US Embassy. How will the Administration handle this situation? The Chinese hold massive amounts of our debt. The stronger we are as a nation economically and militarily, the more able we are to defend freedom… Dennis is impressed by Navy cadets during a visit to a DC area cigar shop… A leading Earth-Is-Ending global warming advocate has recanted.

Prager 20120427 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda this hour. Topics raised include: does Dennis recall the Rodney King riots; what do you wear at a Bar Mitzvah; why do some items make the news and others don’t; is great art amoral.

Prager 20120427 – 1 Transforming

Prager H1: Why did people cheer wildly when candidate Obama told them that America should be “transformed”?… Is the Commander-in-Chief also a political Intimidator-in-Chief? Does the Administration have an “enemy’s list”?.. The Labor Department issued an order banning children from doing farm work, but today had to reverse themselves. Does the Left have a clue how the middle of the country lives and thinks?… It’s one thing to lead from the rear, but it’s another thing not to lead at all. That’s what we’re doing in Syria. Nothing.

Prager 20120426 – 3 The Shadow Catcher

Prager H3: Dennis has an author on to discuss his new book, The Shadow Catcher. Living under an assumed identity and risking his life were all in a day’s work for U.S. Government Agent Hipolito Acosta. He worked regularly in high-stakes undercover operations infiltrating Mexico’s murderous immigrant smuggling rings and drug cartels.

Prager 20120426 – 2 The Mormon Card

Prager H2: Sparked by the recent Secret Service scandal, Dennis wonders if the idea of discretion is dead in our society, and if so, is it a result of the Left’s self-esteem movement? Dennis realizes that nowadays self-esteem trumps self-discipline. Also, how will Mitt Romney’s religion play out in the coming election because the Left will surely battle him on values rather than the economy?

Prager 20120426 – 1 Whitewashing

Prager H1: A caller asks Dennis if the parable of Cain and Abel denotes evidence that God opposed capital punishment. In an article about the President of Syria and his family, Vogue magazine “whitewashed” the Assad family using stand-in children for the photographs. Why would Vogue magazine portray a blood thirsty tyrant and his family as the “Joneses?”

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