Prager 20120531 – 3 Bad Religion

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Ross Douthat, NY Times columnist, about his new book, Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics.

Prager 20120531 – 2 Switch

Prager H2: One of the President’s earliest supporters becomes a Republican… Dennis talks to Charlie Sykes, popular Milwaukee talk show host, about the Scott Walker recall in Wisconsin.

Prager 20120531 – 1 Self Inflicted

Prager H1: An army general made some tough comments last week about soldiers committing suicide. Of course, he had to retract his statements. Can anyone make any statement that might hurt someone’s feelings? Maybe what he said will prevent soldier suicides. Shouldn’t that be the issue?

Prager 20120530 – 3 In Your Head

Prager H3: A philosophy student in Brazil just wants to be known as “trans.” Some days she wants to be known as a man, other days as a woman and some days neither… London is now the 6th largest city in France… Taxpayers are fleeing California. Governor Brown’s answer: raise taxes.

Prager 20120530 – 1 There Must Be Racism

Prager H1: Barbara Walters insists to the First Lady that racism must be a part of Republican campaign. When the First Lady ducks the question, Walters comes back to it… The Sierra Club has set its sights on natural gas. If it’s not solar or switch grass, they’re against it… In Pakistan, throwing acid in the faces of women who you’re angry at is not uncommon. Literal eye for eye justice is required to correct this problem.

Prager 20120529 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: When Should We Seek to Be Loved?

Prager H3: There are two types of relationships – horizontal and vertical. Horizontal is your relationship between you and your friends, and you and your spouse. Almost all other relationships are vertical – parent/child, employer/employee, teacher/student, and so on. You should seek to be loved in your horizontal relationships, but not in vertical ones. Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on January 29, 2008.

Prager 20120529 – 2 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Prager H2: New Zealand wants to become the first smoke free country… Spain’s financial structure is collapsing. It’s all set to go “Greece.”… Why would a young person vote for Barack Obama?

Prager 20120529 – 1 Mascot

Prager H1: Oregon has banned all the use of Indian mascot names, even at Indian schools… Even the liberal Boston Globe is looking into Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee background.

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