Prager 20150831 – 3 Mt. What?

Prager H3: The President has decided to unilaterally rename Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain in the nation, to Denali. Why?… The University of Tennessee wants to ban the use of the words “he” and “she.”… Dennis talks to Tim Mahoney, writer and director of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus…

Prager 20150831 – 2 Not even Computer Science

Prager H2: David Gelernter, formerly of the Yale Computer Science Department and now a high tech entrepreneur, doesn’t want programmers with computer science degrees. They aren’t taught how to program… Dennis talks to Jay Robinson, an agriculture major at the University of Tennessee, who sees PragerU as his lifeline to sanity.

Prager 20150831 – 1 Murder in Houston

Prager H1: A policeman was ambushed and murdered in Houston over the weekend. He was ambushed and murdered because he was policeman and because he was white… Dennis talks to Ben Shapiro, columnist and fellow talk show host about the Video Music Awards and the decline of Western Civilization…


Prager 20150828 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda this hour. Issues raised include: why do the elite in America so despise it; does God expect a wife to be the helpmate of the husband; why are Hollywood types so impressed with dictators.

Prager 20150828 – 1 Guns

Prager H1: What gun control laws could have stopped the Roanoke murderer from getting a weapon?… To the Left all change is good… Dennis talks to Lauren Cooley, University of Miami graduate student and fan of PragerU… Hillary Clinton draws a comparison between Republicans to terrorists.

8/24-8/28 Show Highlights

Highlights from the week of 8/24/2015

Prager 20150827 – 03 Hate Crime

Prager H3: Dennis returns to the Roanoke massacre… Dennis talks to Brian Anderson, editor of City Journal. His new book is Against the Obamanet.

Prager 20150827 – 02 Victimhood

Prager H2: The VA killer murdered in the name of his own sense of victimhood… What was wrong with Curt Schilling’s tweet comparing Islam Extremists to Nazis?… Dennis talks to Nick Pappas, a student a University of Massachusetts who has been deeply influenced by PragerU…

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