Prager 20150930 – 03 A New Prager

Prager H3: Dennis announces that he’s a grandfather for a second time. It’s a boy!… What does Putin want in Syria? Why is he’s bombing the “moderate” insurgents who oppose Assad?… Moral arguments needs moral weapons… Young American Muslim science whiz, Ahmed, is now in Qatar on his world tour. But is his famous clock “invention” a not-so-elaborate fraud? Evidence mounts that it is…

Prager 20150930 – 01 Minnesota Not Nice

Prager H1: The state of Minnesota leads the nation in Americans joining IS. If someone wants to join IS and leave the country maybe we should let them… The Pope visited Kim Davis. He told her to “stay strong.” The Left, who love this Pope, won’t like that… Black activists are going to Tehran.

Prager 20150929 – 02 United Dictators

Prager H2: Cuban dictator Raul Castro got a standing ovation at end of his remarks at the UN… The more conservative wing of the Republican congressional delegation should run its own candidate. If they do and they lose, they should fully support the winner… Will Republicans win or lose if they “shut down” the government to defund Planned Parenthood.

Prager 20150929 – 01 Divided Nations

Prager H1: Dennis read the speeches of the major players at the United Nations yesterday. It was not easy work. He had to slog through a lot of nonsense… Dennis deconstructs President Obama’s speech… The Left lives in a fantasy world.

Prager 20150928 – 03 Diplomacy

Prager H3: Mark Larson covers for Dennis as Hassan Rouhani addresses the UN. Mark analyzes the speech and continues with the day’s news.

Prager 20150928 – 02 Military Force

Prager H2: Mark Larson fills for Dennis and callers challenge him that Bashar al-Assad isn’t really that bad a guy… that we made him that way?!

Prager 20150928 – 01 Obama vs Putin

Prager H1: Mark Larson sits in for Dennis as world leaders address the U.N. regarding Syria, Ukraine, China, and Iran. James Hirsen, from Newsmax, joins the show as well.

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