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Prager 20160908 – 3 Israel Warrior

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Shmuley Boteach, best-selling author and media personality. His new book is The Israel Warrior: Fighting Back for the Jewish State from Campus to Street Corner… Listeners wrote Dennis during the primaries angry at him for not backing Trump; now listeners write angry at him for backing Trump…

Prager 20160908 – 2 Don’t Say “Islamist”

Prager H2: Hillary Clinton goes on Israel TV to say that we can’t call Radical Islamists Radical Islamists because it encourages Radical Islamists. Huh?… Did Trump make a controversial comment when he tweeted three years ago that mixing men and women in the military will lead to more sexual incidents between them?… Dennis talks to Larry Keane, General Counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation about the fate of Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.

Prager 20160908 – 1 Hard Cash for Terrorists

Prager H1: Dennis talks to Dennis talks to Jay Solomon, chief foreign affairs correspondent for the WSJ. His new book is The Iran Wars: Spy Games, Bank Battles, and the Secret Deals That Reshaped the Middle East. The subject: the transfer of almost $2B in cash to Iran. That money is almost certainly going straight to terrorists… Stanford cautions female students that getting drunk is not a good idea. It might lead you to do things you won’t be happy about in the morning. The University has been criticized for “blaming the victim.” It retracted the warning.

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