Prager 20160907 – 3 Schaefer Beer

Prager H3: Dennis reminisces about his favorite TV commercial… What has Donald Trump done to compromise America’s interests? Hillary has put herself in front of the country… The media has made much out of Trump mocking a reporter with a disability, but it turns out to be another media falsehood.

Prager 20160907 – 1 Microaggressed

Prager H1: Who isn’t a victim of microaggression? There’s so little racism and sexism in America, the Left has to dig for it… Dennis talks to John Tamny, editor of Real Clear Markets. He teaches the latest course from PragerU “Income Inequality Is Good.”

Prager 20160906 – 2 Bye, Bye, Baby

Prager H2: Religious freedom will be a thing of the past if Hillary and the Democrats win in November… Phyllis Schlafly, a true leader of the Conservative movement over the past five decades passed away over the weekend… The arguments against Trump are getting less compelling with each passing week.

Prager 20160906 – 1 Book TV

Prager H1: Dennis was on Book TV on Sunday for three hours. He had a great time… Is the US wrong for playing the national anthem before sporting events?… China humiliated the President. They couldn’t be bothered to offer him stairs to deplane from Air Force One… The Left does not believe in borders.

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