Prager 20161102 – 2 Male/Female: Reconstructive

Prager H2: The New York Times featured a story about women who have had mastectomy as a result of breast cancer. The new trend is not to have reconstructive breast surgery. The term is “going flat.” But is this a positive trend? Dennis doesn’t think so. Dennis consults with Dr. Lisa Casileth, renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20161102 – 1 Turnout

Prager H1: The low turnout of the blacks in early voting is a warning signal to Hillary Clinton… But Trump’s pathway to victory is a narrow one… Time for all Republicans to “come home” and vote for the party’s candidate… Legalization of marijuana is another sign of an unhealthy society…

Prager 20161101 – 2 Spotless

Prager H2: It’s amazing that after all the money and the oppo research, all Hillary could come up with against Trump is the one crude, private conversation 11 years ago… The term sexual assault has been drained of all meaning… Dennis talks to Deroy Murdock, contributing editor and columnist for National Review.

Prager 20161101 – 1 Shut Down

Prager H1: College students think that slavery was invented by America… A NYU professor is shut down because he has conservative views… Leftism wants to destroy Western Civilization… You can vote in some states and then revote if you change your mind… An actress has to apologize for dressing as a pilgrim for Halloween.

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