Prager 20161130 – 3 Cabinet

Prager H3: One reason to be so optimistic about the President-elect’s cabinet is that the Left is very upset about his choices… The Democrats are now unhappy that they did away with the filibuster rule for cabinet choices… Dennis talks to Adam Carolla, comedian and host of the world’s most popular podcast. They’re making a documentary together.

Prager 20161130 – 1 End of America

Prager H1: The Left remains hysterical over Trump’s election. Hollywood biographer and journalism professor, Neal Gabler, is just one prime example… Dennis talks to Salvation Army Lt. Colonel, Ron Busroe… Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected as the leader of House Democrats.

Prager 20161129 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: The American Miracle

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Michael Medved, long-time friend, nationally syndicated radio talk show host on the Salem Radio Network and best-selling author. His new book is The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic.

Prager 20161129 – 2 Cool It

Prager H2: A new NASA report strongly suggests that global temperatures are headed down…Trump should send a bouquet of roses to Jill Stein. If her voters had supported Hillary, Mrs. Clinton might have won…

Prager 20161129 – 1 Sowing Confusion

Prager H1: The USAToday wonders if the attack in Columbus was a terror attack. The LA Times profiles a black woman who is now afraid of living in the US because Donald Trump has been elected President. The NY Times has a new feature: “A Week in Hate” to track all the hate speech and hate crimes since the Trump election… Trump makes another great Cabinet pick – Dr. Tom Price for Health and Human Services.

Prager 20161128 – 3 Death of a Dictator

Prager H3: Dennis returns to the horrible history of Fidel Castro. The only regret over his death should be that it didn’t come much sooner… Why are there so many moral idiots – like all those people who are in charge of our universities, churches, synagogues and schools… The killer in Ohio State University terror attack is an 18-year old Somali.

Prager 20161128 – 2 Hoaxes

Prager H2: Have there been a rash of racist incidents since Donald Trump was elected President? Turns out that many of these reported incidents are hoaxes… Should meet Mitt Romney be Trump’s Secretary of State?… The only thing that’s worse than lying is believing your lies. This is a big problem for the Left. They believe their lies… Hampshire College won’t fly the American flag anymore. They’re in mourning over the Trump victory.

Prager 20161128 – 1 Finally Dead

Prager H1: Fidel Castro, the brutal tyrant who turned a beautiful island into a giant prison, is dead… Canadian president, Justin Trudeau, made an embarrassing statement praising the dictator… A shooting has a left one person in critical condition at Ohio State University…

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