Prager 20161124 – 01 Thanksgiving, pt. 1

Prager H1: Dennis celebrates! He poses the question: If you don’t give thanks to God, then who do you give it to? Callers weigh in. Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on November 22, 2012.

Prager 20161123 – 3 Pope

Prager H3: Pope Francis compares Communism favorably to Catholicism. If he really believes this, one fears for the future of the religion he leads… Dennis issues his final appeal to listeners to avoid political arguments with relatives and friends at Thanksgiving.

Prager 20161123 – 1 Mendacious

Prager H1: The mainstream media is doing everything they can to promote white supremacy groups. Without them, how can they say President-elect Trump promotes bigotry?… A biological man dominates a female cycling competition… Trump’s NSA nominee, Michael Flynn, declares Islamism (not Islam) is a threat to world peace.

Prager 20161122 – 2 The Bubble

Prager H2: Is it possible to live in a Conservative bubble? Leftism is everywhere – in newspapers, on TV, at school, at the movies… A Canadian professor is castigated for refusing to use politically correct pronouns. He may be prosecuted for his courage.

Prager 20161122 – 1 Stay at Home

Prager H1: The feminist line is that the stay-at-home mom has no intellectual stimulation. Dennis considers this to be another Leftist myth. Callers have their own views.

Prager 20161121 – 3 Sessions

Prager H3: The “racist” Jeff Sessions broke up the KKK in Alabama when he as the Attorney General there… All of Trump’s early picks are tried and true Conservatives… The Left blames their election losses on the American people being angry, but who is making them angry – the Left.

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