Prager 20170502 – 2 Fearing Kids

Prager H2: There is a national epidemic of parents fearing their children, wanting to be loved rather than feared is the wrong approach. Heather Mac Donald joins the program to discuss rioting on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Los Angeles riots.

Prager 20170502 – 1 Left Riots

Prager H1: May Day protests broke out in Portland yesterday, and in Paris where an officer was burned. Law enforcement callers weigh in.

Prager 20170501 – 3 Infected Sports

Prager H3: ESPN has been steadily losing viewers. Could the reason be that they’ve become just another organ for the Left? People who watch sports just want to watch sports. Dennis takes calls from former ESPN watchers.

Prager 20170501 – 2 Heresey

Prager H2: In his first column for the NY Times Brett Stephens comments that man-made global warming leading to planetary catastrophe hysteria might be a bit overwrought. For this sin, he has been viciously attacked by the Left… Another day. Another March against the President. This time for “the Climate.”

Prager 20170501 – 1 May Day

Prager H1: The Los Angeles School District seriously debated whether or not to close schools so that students could attend May Day demonstrations for “workers’ rights.”… The President skipped the White House Correspondents Dinner in favor of a rally of his supporters. He should skip it every year. Why does he need to go to be insulted by a bunch of blowhards who hate his guts?

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