Prager 20170428 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Topics raised include: a theory on conservatives raising liberal children; what is the difference between people who have compassion for animals as opposed to humans; what is the process of writing a book; If you are so concerned with free speech at Berkeley why don’t you have more liberals on PragerU; who is the man or woman from history you would like to have a conversation with; What does it take to be a conductor?

Prager 20170428 – 2 Happiness Hour: Decisions

Prager H2: Life is a series of decisions. You decide to be happy; decide to show courage; decide to play the piano; decide to lose weight; decide to work out. Unfortunately, we live in a society that more and more tells its citizens things happen to you.

Prager 20170428 – 1 Trump Oil

Prager H1: The President has announced that he wants to resume off-shore drilling. More energy equals more economic growth… The cancellation of Ann Coulter’s Berkeley speech sets a very dangerous precedent. Threats of Left fascism work… In Louisiana, a man murdered a young woman. Didn’t get the death penalty for that. Escaped. Murdered another totally innocent human being and killed another. 17 years later he’s finally to be executed. And this is controversial?

4/24-4/28 Show Highlights

Highlights from the week of 4/24/2017

Prager 20140427 – 3 No More Roses

Prager H3: Portland has cancelled its Rose Parade because Leftist’s groups threatened violence. We are living among wimps. If the paramount concern is safety, you never fight.

Prager 20140427 – 2 No Freedom to Speak

Prager H2: Ann Coulter cancelled her speech in Berkeley. Her safety or the safety of the people attending couldn’t be assured. This is a telling moment in American history. Freedom of speech is no longer a value shared by a significant segment of American society… Dennis talks to George Gilder, renown economist and social thinker about the Trump tax plan.

Prager 20140427 – 1 Nonsensification

Prager H1: The mainstream media seems more concerned about whether the President will personally benefit from his new tax plan than the tax plan itself. The only question that should matter is whether it will promote economic growth… Dennis talks to Stephen Tobolowsky, prolific actor who is most famous for his part as Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day. He’s also a writer and director. His new book is My Adventures with God.

Prager 20140426 – 3 Sanctuary Judge

Prager H3: Yet another Obama-appointed federal district judge thwarts an executive order from the President. The judge doesn’t like the President slapping penalties on sanctuary cities and so he rules… The federal government seduces parents into taking out loans to pay for their child’s college education. The children get a leftist indoctrination and the parents are stuck with loans they can’t repay.

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