Prager 20170331 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: why did Mike Pence establish his no-dining alone with woman other than my wife rule; what’s the best introduction to Judaism; does the United States need borders.

Prager 20170331 – 1 All Hysteria All the Time

Prager H1: The Democrats want to create as much noise as possible. With the help of the media, they are creating a lot of it. When one hysteria is disproven (like anti-Semitism being driven by Trump supporters), they move immediately to the next one… The Left mocks the Vice President because he only dines alone with his wife… Another Leftist professor makes another angry Leftist pronouncement against the US… The unmasking of American civilians in intelligence reports is a much bigger story than Russia’s influence on election.

3/27-3/31 Show Highlights

Highlights from the week of 3/27/2015

Prager 20170330 – 3 More Russia

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Victor Davis Hanson, columnist for National Review and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution… The President may engage in exaggeration on occasion, but the press does it all day every day – against him… Dennis returns to the Mike Pence and dining with women issue.

Prager 20170330 – 2 Eating Alone

Prager H2: Mike Pence has this policy: he doesn’t dine alone with a woman, except for his wife. For this rule, he is mocked by the Left… Dennis talks to Michael Doran, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute about Obama Administration officials releasing surveillance data about the Trump team.

Prager 20170330 – 1 Pragmatic

Prager H1: It would have been nice if we could have gotten exactly the bill we wanted to repeal and replace ObamaCare. But pragmatism takes precedence over perfection in politics. Unfortunately, some Republicans failed to understand this and now we may all pay the price… Why is Utah such a stable, successful state? There is a one-word answer.

Prager 20170329 – 3 Teamwork

Prager H3: If the Republicans are going to enact their conservative agenda, they must be united. The defeat of the Repeal and Reform was a major blow to the party and the President… Medicaid is expanding while Obamacare remains the status quo…

Prager 20170329 – 1 Rocks

Prager H1: A jewelry story in N Carolina puts up a billboard with the tag line “Sometimes it’s okay throw rocks at girls.” Feminist outrage ensues… Last Saturday was Earth Hour. There are no limits to which the Left won’t go to feel good about themselves. In the meantime, poor people in the third world suffer. They need cheap, reliable energy. And wind and solar are not cheap and not reliable.

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