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Prager 20170313 – 3 Cesspool

Prager H3: Even those on the Left are beginning to recognize that the university has become a moral cesspool. But those same Leftists never connect the dots. Who is responsible for this mess?… Dennis talks to another extraordinary PragerU PragerForce student in the Bay Area.

Prager 20170313 – 2 Harassment

Prager H2: A very immature 33-year-old woman harasses Trump Administration spokesman, Sean Spicer, in an Apple Store… A former principal rails against a column that cites PragerU as a source… Forty protesters marched in front of Peter Thiel’s house. They don’t like that he has any association with Republicans or Donald Trump. That makes him an evil person.

Prager 20170313 – 1 Spring Forward

Prager H1: Dennis goes on his annual rant about daylight savings time. Why can’t we just have one time and stick with it?… John McCain is getting a tiresome. Worse, he’s aiding the foes of the President and the Republican Party with his constant complaints… The President of Turkey is stirring up more trouble in Europe… Dennis talks to Betsy McCaughey, Senior Fellow, London Center for Policy Research about Repeal and Replace.

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