Prager 20170228 – 2 Five Cons

Prager H2: Mark Davis sits in for Dennis and lays out the five principles of conservatism that he uses to judge a president: Fiscal, Social, Constitutional, Immigration, and Nation Security. Trump pre-game for joint session address of Congress.

Prager 20170228 – 1 Spacecation

Prager H1: Mark Davis sits in for Dennis and love space exploration. SpaceX has announced civilian travel into space by the end of this year. Kellyanne Conway can’t keep her feet off the furniture at the White House.

Prager 20170224 – 3 BOO-ray for Hollywood

Prager H3: Mark Isler sits in for Dennis and is joined by Morgan Brittany and Nick Searcy to discuss the damage they have experienced being conservatives in Hollywood. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20170224 – 1 Shotgun Wedding

Prager H1: Mark Isler sits in for Dennis and begins with his take on Trump’s presidency. There was no honeymoon period for President Trump, and there is no winning with the Left no matter what he does.

Prager 20170223 – 3 CPAC part deux

Prager H3: Mark Davis sits in for Dennis and continues to monitor the current speakers at CPAC, like Steve Bannon. Callers weigh in.

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