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Prager 20170206 – 3 Trump’s Law

Prager H3: The President’s complaints about the judge who blocked his immigration restrictions are accurate. The judge offered no explanation for his decision… The President’s answer to Bill O’Reilly’s question about Putin being a killer could have been more measured, but measured is not the President’s m├ętier. He’s unfailingly honest… You should think twice about buying an Audi. Their Super Bowl ad was that dishonest… NOAA fudged climate data to fit their Global Warming leading to catastrophe scenario. This should be a major scandal.

Prager 20170206 – 2 Comeback

Prager H2: Dennis revels in the New England Patriot’s victory… The new TV reboot of “24” invokes the ire of the New York Times… Conservatives in San Francisco have to meet in secret… More on hideous Audi ad.

Prager 20170206 – 1 Super Win

Prager H1: The New England Patriots, led by QB, Tom Brady, made a storybook comeback to win the Super Bowl. Was it the greatest game in Super Bowl history?… Bill O’Reilly asked the President a foolishly provocative question about Vladimir Putin… Audi ran a political ad that will no doubt antagonize some of its owners. It should… The New York Times describes Lady Gaga’s dancers of having “multiple skin tones” and “genders.”

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