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Prager 20170213 – 3 Illegals

Prager H3: The Washington Post writes a typically dishonest headline describing federal “raids” against “immigrants.” No, not immigrants, illegal immigrants. The article goes on to say that many of them are “known criminals.” If they’re known criminals what are they doing here?… We don’t have to worry about an imperial presidency; we have to worry about an imperial judiciary… Dennis talks to Adam Carolla, comedian and host of the world’s most popular podcast. Dennis and Adam will be together at California State University, Northridge on Wednesday night.

Prager 20170213 – 2 Kristof

Prager H2: Speaking of foolish, NYT columnist wrote an inane column comparing American husbands to Muslim terrorists… 72 people from the seven restricted countries have been convicted of attempting to commit terror… PragerForce, the student action arm of PragerU, has broken a major story about the latest campus bow-down to Political Correctness.

Prager 20170213 – 1 Alito

Prager H1: Dennis was the master of ceremonies at an event honoring Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito. He was deeply impressed by the justice’s values and obvious goodness… Everyday it becomes more and more clear that we are a new civil war… A gay conservative comes out of the closet – as a conservative… We think the Left is foolish. They think we are evil. Big difference…

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